The Modern Way of Cleaning on Board

How to save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year with CVC?

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Benefits of using central vacuum cleaning on board. Real-life conditions show that CVC is 20-55% faster compared to traditional vacuum cleaners and it radically reduces the amount of waste.

Calculation example - CVC vs. traditional systems. See how we calculated the savings and compare the figures to your own potential project. 
Read what we have learnt after 2500 installations.

Customer view. Why was the Halton central vacuum cleaning system chosen on board Megastar, what have been the main advantages and the customer experience.

You will learn:

Timo Kohtaniemi

Sales Team Manager
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-Why is a central vacuum cleaning system so much greener, safer and more efficient on cruise ships





practical knowledge


Sami Piirainen
Director, Halton Marine

Ilmari Kirjalainen
CVC System Specialist

Hendrik Väli
Intendent, Megastar

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